Custom logo rugs: How do they get made?

Brands have the opportunity to make a professional statement regarding their corporate identity with custom logo rugs. Many custom rugs and mats can be customized with unique designs on bespoke-weaved rug to provide durability, aesthetics, and functionality. The custom-logo rug is a great way to express your brand identity and other supporting information. They can be used in churches, shops and supermarkets, offices, restaurants, homes, public events and businesses.

Many people are curious about the process of making custom rugs. How are they made? How are they made? Is it hand-woven?

This section provides more information about the manufacturing process for this branding tool that is so important to modern businesses.

Custom logo rugs: The production process

There are two main methods for producing rugs: the machine or hand-woven method. The machine method is used in many industrial settings. It is able to produce many rugs in a short amount of time and ensures high quality. Machine-made rugs are customizable to meet the needs of the user. Machine-made rugs are made with perfectly straight knotting and weaving. This is done to ensure durability.

Learn about the different processes involved in making custom rugs or mats

1. The production process: Rugs are made by power looms, which are machines that produce them. These power looms are capable of producing many rugs in a very short time. Power looms produce rugs by wrapping the fibers around starter threads, which act as a foundation. The threads and fibres are then pressed together. The process is identical to hand-woven, but it is controlled electronically and is subject to rigorous quality control procedures. The result is a rug with a strong, uniform and even surface. The rug is typically made on an all-white, uncluttered surface such as a sheet or paper.

2. The printing process: Custom office rugs can be digitally printed using an electronic machine. These machines can be fed with the coloured logo from a client. The client approves the design and format of the logo. The computer then receives the approved logo. The signal is sent to the printer handle by the computer. The printing handle prints the rug on the already produced rug. The digital printer prints the client’s logo onto the rug. The printing process takes several minutes. This is a quick way to produce custom office rugs with your logo.

3. The final step: After the custom logo office rug has been printed, it is subject to a post printing process. This is where the rug is cleaned and trimmed. To increase durability and softness, additional layers may be added to the rug’s back. The rug is also polished and cleaned to give it a shiny, attractive finish.

Machine-made brand rugs

Machine-made branded rugs are often affordable and have long-term durability. A machine-made rug or mat has an average life expectancy of 20 years. The rug’s quality and the fiber used will determine its durability. A machine-made, high-quality rug can last decades if it is well maintained.

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