How CBD Oil Tincture Are Made – Extraction Methods, Dosage, And Use

During the 19th century, tinctures were the most popular method used to administer hemp or cannabis plant. However, smoking of flowers and leaves of the marijuana plant started after the Mexican Revolution.

These days, tinctures are gaining popularity again as many people are looking for an alternative to smoking CBD. Tinctures are safe, non-synthetic, easy, and affordable way to add CBD to your daily routine.

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CBD is legal in many states of the U.S., so you can purchase CBD products having THC of 0.3% or less. CBD tinctures are the cannabis extract of an alcohol solvent. It is an ideal option for medical and recreational consumers who are looking for a smokeless method.

Making of high-quality cannabis tinctures

Many companies produce CBD oil from industrial hemp plants. Parts of the plant like flowers, stalk, and leaves will be harvested and sent to the facilities to extract CBD oil. Advanced methods like carbon dioxide methods are used in the process of extraction.

Making tinctures at home


  • Baking sheet
  • Glass jar
  • Mesh strainer
  • Cheesecloth
  • Parchment paper
  • Hemp flowers – ΒΌ ounce
  • Glass bottle
  • Bowl


Step 1: Decarb hemp flowers to extract CBD. At first, preheat the oven at 240 degrees F. Break hemp flowers by using a coffee grinder or with your hands and spread them on the baking sheet. Also, place parchment paper on the sheet.

Step 2: Bake them for 40-60 minutes. Once the flowers turn into the green to brown color, take them out from the machine, and let them cool.

Step 3: Place the flowers in a glass jar, cover it with alcohol, and place it in a dry, cool place for 3-4 weeks

Tip – Shake the jar occasionally

Step 4: After a month, line the cheesecloth over a mesh strainer and pour the mixture through it to separate the tincture from the materials of the plant.

Step 5: Finally, fill the jar with the tincture and store it in a dry, cool place.

CBD tincture dosage and use

After making the tincture, you can alter the dosage as per your need. Always start with a low dosage, take a drop (1 mL) of a tincture place it under the tongue, and hold it. In case you are not satisfied with the dosage, increase it gradually until you find the right dosage.

According to the studies, tinctures last for a long time if you can store them properly. Tinctures are the low-calorie option when compared to others. Also, you can infuse it with different types of food items and drinks such as salads, ice creams, soups, juices, and more. All these reasons make it a great option over other CBD products.

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