Can Face Masks Protect from 2019 Coronavirus – Know the types and Use

Novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 is the most fast spreading viral disease all over the world, these days. It emerged in Wuhan, China in the year 2019. People with coronavirus or COVID-19 may experience symptoms such as pneumonia, respiratory failure and breathing difficulty.

Elder people and people with severe health problems are at a higher risk. According to a research study it is found that a lot of people are searching on Google to find top-quality face masks in order to protect themselves and their family members from the pandemic.

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The following is some information that helps you understand the use of wearing a face mask in this pandemic situation.

Face masks types

Generally, face masks are of 3 types. They are cloth mask, N95 mask and surgical mask. Let us know about them in detail:

Cloth masks – According to the healthcare provider recommendations, everyone has to wear a face mask to stop the spread of virus from one person to the other, particularly if you are unable to maintain 6-foot distance. In addition to these, you have to follow hygiene practice.

N95 respiratory masks – These masks are tight-fitting and filter out large droplets, sprays, splashes and even 95% tiny particles, which contain bacteria and viruses. These masks will be in oval or circular shape and forms tight sealing to the face.

Surgical masks – These masks are loose-fitting that protect from splashes, large droplets and prevents the spread of respiratory secretions from wearer to the other people. These masks will cover nose, chin and mouth. Usually, they will be in rectangular shape with folds or pleats.

How face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Coronavirus will spread from one person to the other though tiny respiratory droplets. They will be generated when an infected person exhales, cough, sneeze or talk. You will get the virus in case you breathe the droplets.

When it comes to cloth face masks, they can protect you to a small degree, but they help in spreading coronavirus from asymptomatic person. While, surgical masks will not protect from infection and it will not filter tiny aerosol particles. Also, air leakage will occur from the sides of mask when you inhale.

As N95 mask will have a tight sealing, so they can protect you from tiny aerosol particles that carry infection. It prevents the spread of virus effectively, but it is difficult to wear them for a long period.

When to wear face masks?

You can make use of cloth masks and surgical masks while practicing proper hygiene and physical distance, but in case you are not able to maintain distance then N95 masks are the best choice. It can protect from contract coronavirus when you use it appropriately.

To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus and to protect yourself as well as your family members, choose the best store that supplies face masks and order today.

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