Why Learner Drivers Should Complete Safe Driving Course

No matter how good you are behind the wheel, you can’t really control what happens around you. Extreme weather, aggressive drivers, roadway obstacles and mechanical malfunctions are some of the hazards that can jeopardize your safety and those around you if you don’t know how to handle these situations.

Taking a safer driving course helps you to know more about road safety and how to reduce some common road hazards. This course helps you in this risky time of your life by encouraging lifelong and low-risk driving behaviour.

The everyday reality is different from what you learn in a professional driving course. That’s why, this course has been designed to establish safe driving practices for learners under the age of 25.

Eligibility of Safer Driving Course

This course is approved by RWS and is established to work with NSW learner logbook systems. To be eligible for this course, you must –

  • Be under the age of 25 years
  • Hold an NSW learner license
  • Have completed at least 50 hours on road

What to Expect from This Course?

It is delivered in two sessions:

  • Module 1

It is a three-hour long facilitator led theory class with 6-12 other learner drivers. It is an informal group discussion where focus is mainly to reduce crash risk by adopting safe driving behaviours, making safe on-road decisions and minimise common road risks. It also includes developing an awareness of increase in crash risk among young learners especially when they transition from supervised to independent driving, introducing driving strategies like speed management, gap selection, crash avoidance space, etc. and reducing crash risk by managing passenger behaviours, peer influence and general lifestyle pressures like stress, fatigue, etc.

  • Module 2

Module 2 is a two-hour log in-car session with a driving coach where all the theory about risk strategies is practically applied on road. Safer Drivers Course instructors at Ltrent are experienced and qualified professionals and you will be in an insured and dual control equipped car with them. Ltrent is Australia’s leading driving educator today.

You have access to online bookings, rebookings, etc. to offer you more flexibility. This module is dedicated to learn about low risk driving strategies and allowing you to learn what matters the most – staying safe on roads.

Benefits of Safer Driving Course

On an average, P platers are 8 times more likely to be in involved in car crash in first six months as compared to when they were learner drivers. The basic aim of this course is to help learner drivers to smoothly transition from supervised driving to solo driving. Once you complete the course, you will be earning 20 hours logbook credit.

The course costs around $140, which includes 3 hours long group discussion with learner drivers and 2 hours in-car coaching session with a qualified coach. NSW government also offers free safer driving course to help drivers from disadvantaged communities.


This course will definitely help to encourage road safety.

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