Few Informative Lines on Driving License Regulations in Australia for Senior Citizens

It is always comfortable to drive your own vehicle as it provides the convenience to commute anywhere anytime. However, it is hard for senior people as risk increases while handling the hassles on the road. Thus, there are special rules and regulations meant for them to drive safe and with ease.

In Australian states driving rules for their senior citizens is little different compared to normal traffic rules. It is for the safety of the elderly aged drivers, thus helpful to know before sitting behind the wheels to drive your vehicle.

Here are the rules and regulations for senior drivers:

  • In New South Wales:
    • They need to have their annual medical check up done after celebrating their 75th birthday while you are Class R or Class C driver.
    • The Roads and Maritime Services will post or e-mail the form to you before your seventy-fifth-birthday date.
    • You just need to do the medical check up and let your medical officer fill the form.
    • The form needs to be submitted in the registry office of Roads and Maritime Services.
    • While citizens above the age of 85, can drive in their local roads possessing modified licenses.
  • Victoria rules:
    • There is no need for senior people living in Victoria region to provide their medical status however they are limited to drive in their region only.
    • They need to provide their health issues details to VicRoads. It is because their health conditions like joint pains and vision problems may affect their safe driving on roads.
  • In Queensland:
    • Here the senior drivers above the age of seventy-five need to carry the medical form filled by a licensed medical practitioner along with them while driving the vehicle. The doctor reference helps to possess conditional or unconditional license.
  • Rules followed in South Australia:
    • The elderly citizen may fill the form themself, however their doctor input is required if there is any health condition mentioned that may hinder their driving on roads. This self assessment form needs to be filled every year and moreover doctor reference may be needed if there is any health issue that may hinder safe drive.

In other regions of Australia similar rules are applied for senior citizens above the age of seventy-five. Every year undergoing medical examination is mandatory, thus it is best to know the rules to drive safe.

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