Where to put hand sanitizer in school and office?

If you are running a school, you can install an automatic sanitizer dispenser in the library. Germs love libraries because there is no regular cleaning process in place. No one gets a hand on the bleach and wash away the dirt and invisible germs in the library. There is a general perception that libraries are the cleanest spaces in the school. For germs, libraries are safe to havens. They are not there to check out books, but to kick off the spread of diseases. It is normal for germs to spread on tables, bookshelves, and chairs. If you have hand sanitizers in place at a central location inside of the library at your school, you can get rid of those germs. Buy Custom Hand Sanitizer to save students from catching flu, cold and coronavirus.

Computer labs

When kids share computers at the school, they also share germs in mass quantity. Several studies have shown that computers can hold 400 times as much bacteria as an average bathroom. Kids don’t keep the cleanest hands when they return after using computers at the computer lab. Also, schools cannot depute cleaning staff to clean off keyboards in the computer lab after a class session has ended. If you keep hand sanitizer in the computer lab and ask the students to clean their hands after they using computers, you will be able to decrease the ratio of the spread of bacteria and germs.


A cafeteria also is one of the hottest germ zones in the school. There are just a few things dirtier than a cafeteria tray because during the day lots of students lay their hands on it, and then eat food with the same hands. The problem is that these trays are not wiped down at a regular basis. Kids should bring these trays to their tables and then use hand sanitizer after that, which means that a hand sanitizer should be somewhere in the middle of the cafeteria so that kids can use it after they have brought the tray onto their tables.

Germs don’t spare kids at the school. They are constantly in attack mode. However, if your hand-sanitizer dispensers are well-placed, you can help kids and teaching staff fight back against the germs, and win at the end.

Outside the bathroom

Most people think that when you get out of a bathroom, your hands are perfectly cleaned because you have properly used soap and water. In reality, that’s not true. Just 3 % of people wash their hands in the right way. That’s the reason there should be a sanitizer outside of the washrooms as well. A sanitizer outside of the washroom door is like a solid backup option.


Almost all schools have breakrooms. Students take their lunch to these rooms during recess and eat to their fill. They know but a little that these breakrooms are covered in lots of germs. If there is a microwave oven, its handle is most likely covered with bacteria. That’s why you should make sure that you are using hand sanitizer before as well as after you finish your meal.

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