What Has Ron Ozer To Say All About Traveling to Israel

Very few locations on the earth are like Israel. The enthralling beauty of its hillocks and valleys, the strange stillness of the Dead Sea, the prismatic colored canyon of Makhtesh Ramon and the ancient walls and roads of Nazareth and the silent prayer of Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall reveals how the religious devotion of the Jews, Christians and Muslims who live here together peacefully.

Ron Ozer says, although there are complex political issues, which the visitors cannot avoid, there is plenty of relaxing entertainment places. There are bars and amazing beaches located at Tel Aviv and Haifa. Wine producing centers of Galilee and tables loaded with tasty snacks. For the fun-finding visitors, Israel never fails to entertain charmingly, with excitement and surprise, leaving a memory, which is ruminating, lifelong.

Must see spots of Israel

Masada and the Dead Sea: These are twin Israel sites that must be visited. You must explore the ruins of Masada and palace of King Herod, enjoy the healing and curative visit to the world-famous Dead Sea. This memorable day trip also includes the settings of one of the most famous parables of New Testament, the Good Samaritans.

After starting from Tel Aviv, the first spot is Judean desert a barren an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region and placed in the heart of the holy land is a memorable experience. You will pass the Inn of the Good Samaritans. Afterword’s you will ascend by cable car to reach the top of the mountain site, Masada. Here king Herod constructed two well-guarded palaces about 2000 years past. After Masada, you will approach the Dead Sea passing the Ein Gedi Oasis and ancient place Qumran. Here you will view a number of caves and about 1000 parchment documents of religious value.

Next spot is the Dead Sea where you will relax on the mineral beach and enjoy the feeling of dreamland. You will experience irrational reality while floating in saline water which is 400 m below mean sea level. You should not miss the mud bath in the world’s richest source of natural salt.

Ron Ozer recommends after coming back to Tel Aviv visit the ancient city of Jericho the City of Palm Trees. Other must-see spots are:

Baha’i Garden in Haifa: It is a natural garden going down by 20 steep terraces to a domed shrine which is the final resting place of prophet-herald of the Baha’i faith.

Masada National Park: It is a plateau on the Masada located at 60 m above mean sea level and about 500 m above Dead Sea level. The easiest way is by cable car.

Basilica of the Annunciation; Located at Nazareth: Upper part is soaring dome-shaped carry the glory of Mary as the mother of God. In the lower a church, and shelter the Grotto of the Annunciation, the traditional site of the house of mother Mary.

Mount of Beatitudes: This place in landscape hillside is believed to be the place where Jesus delivered his Sermon.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve: This consist of two roughly parallel canyons named Wadi David and Wadi Argot each have separate entrances.

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