For Many travellers who happen to visit this Island Asian country will never cease to marvel about it lovely and wonderful landscapes, Sri Lanka is known for its attractive landscapes with terrains in some portions which forms the bedrock of its tourism, the nation is enveloped from its all corners with the magnificent Indian Ocean, it might seem to be a small country in size, but fully it’s fully self-contained and packed with attractive features, it’s a home to more than 350 decadent waterfalls, twenty five thousand water bodies which is amazing for an Island nation, with about eight UNESCO registered Heritage Sites, all this and more makes visiting Sri Lanka a memorable experience.


A). Sigiriya is one of the a must visit location in the country with a UNESCO registered heritage site, the more than 200 meters rock mountain is a place where many tourists of the world frequent always.

B). Sigiriya region has many other things to do and admire at the same time, there are lovely hotels with nice continental delicatessens which makes it ideal for a full tourism package, depending on your choice of a holiday, visiting Sigiriya is just ideal.

C). The world heritage site is known as Lion Rock, the shape of the Rock resembles a Lion’s head, visitors prefers to even tour its flat summit, well-constructed features rest at the lower portion of the rock site forming a beautiful garden.

D). Frescoes coming from the region forms part of lovely art work sourced from the country, artifacts are other items tourists buy from the region.

Kandy, Hill Country:

A). Kandy comprise the second largest town in the country, it’s located within the highland regions of the country with many features to enjoy, the climate in this town is ideal for the famous Sri Lanka Tea, it’s therefore fond of large chunks of tea plantations.

B). It offers very cool type of climate suitable for growing many other crops, however, tea farming is leading here with many plantations around, good Tea hotels and resorts can be spotted everywhere in the highland.

C). Diversified culture is another aspect to enjoy in Kandy, come here to enjoy Indian dance and many festivals for every season, the town also offers golfing with many courses to enjoy for every level of golfing.

D). The city is known for its Ayurveda Spas treatments, the laid-back nature of the city offers visitors a natural healing and relaxation, the many valleys, hills and breath-taking cascading landscapes makes it an enchanting territory for holiday makers.

Nuwara Eliya:

A). The city of Eliya is another favourable destination to explore while in the country, it’s also situated within the rich tea growing area of Sri Lanka, it has a very moderate climatic condition which suits visitors owing to the cool nature.

B). The city has some of the best tea growing climate in the region, visiting the town will give access to tour in many lush green plantations, the city is enveloped with continuous canopies of the greenery.

C). Horton Plains is a strategic plateau of this city which is one of the highest in the country, the plains also offers a home to a National Park considered beautiful in the country.

D). The Park region offers travellers much more for trekkers, it has very many trails where the lovers of such adventures will definitely love, waterfalls can also be viewed from here, there is the famous Nuwara Eliya Waterfalls attracting all and sundry to come to the city.

Southern Beaches:

A). Sri Lanka has got its Southern sides touching the Indian Ocean with many beautiful beaches to explore, the Sri Lanka beaches are very romantic especially for getaway purposes.

B). Tangalle beach town is located within the Southern parts of the country; visitors to Tangalle experience some of the breath-taking Oceanic views in its lovely beaches, water activities and more

C). Bentota is another town worth exploring down South of the country, it also has many beaches to enjoy with family or loved ones.

D). Mirissa Beach: is also found within the lovely down South regions of Sri Lanka, it’s a very famous beach known by both locals and foreigners a like, the beach is fond of Whale watching and Wind Surfing plus other water sports.

Yala Wildlife Destination:

A). When looking for another visited place in Sri Lanka is the Yala region, it has more than six National Parks and at least three Animal Sanctuaries, Yala National Park being the main tourists attractions in the region.

B). Visitors find the National Park an ideal place with much to offer, talk of the elephants which thrills the visitors, it has also one of the largest population of Leopards in the whole world.

C). Yala has a mixture of ecosystem which ranges from Wetlands marine, freshwater to Monsoon type with many species to view of both fauna and flora.

D). The region has many hotels, restaurants and suitable facilities to accommodate visitors well, many wildlife attractions can be explored from here when in the country. If you are planning to visit this lonely planet known as Sri Lanka, you will find many locations to give you a mind blowing experience but first of all get the Sri Lankan Visa to be ready to go.

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