Audience participation remains to be the top indicator of an event’s success. Regardless if you are organizing a board meeting or a charity gala, you have to make sure that your guests are active and enthusiastic all throughout. This is because their active participation in your event shows that they appreciate your efforts in making the occasion possible, and that their time and effort spent on attending was worth it.

But audience participation is also the hardest challenge faced by almost every event planner around. Sure, you can negotiate to get a venue, hire a good caterer, bring in the band to play, but to put a smile on your guests’ faces is something you have to earn.

There are, however, ways in which you can keep your audience from getting bored in your activity, and these include:

  • Prepare your ice breakers.

If you are hosting a seminar or a workshop, ice breakers would come in handy. Throughout the course of the day’s activity, your audience will start yawning due to the increasing boredom of the lectures being done by the speakers, and you have to prevent them from actually falling asleep by doing ice breakers.

Ice breakers come in the form of games or physical activities such as dancing and interacting with other members of the audience. You can do these in venues that are spacious enough to accommodate the crowd, or in open areas where the guests can roam around.

There are venue rentals in Singapore that provide wide floor areas, and these are perfect for performing physical activities and other forms of ice breakers.

  • Do a raffle.

When hosting an event, such as a party or even a seminar, you may want to announce to your audience that you are holding a raffle, and that by being present they become automatically eligible to win. You can discuss your raffle mechanics and this will keep your guests awake and attentive during the event because they are mainly looking out for their chances of winning.

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  • Hire a celebrity.

Celebrities are very useful in keeping your audiences engaged during an event. This is because they would want to rub elbows with your rather famous guest and have their photos taken with him or her. Thus, if you think it is deemed fit, you may want to contact members of the entertainment industry who can link you up with the celebrities, so that you can start selling your pitch as to why this person should be in your event.

  • Hold the event at a clean and engaging venue.

You may not realize it but having a good venue sets your event apart from everyone else. This is mainly because people attend an event not only for the occasion itself, but also to feel pampered and relaxed even for just a few hours.

There are a lot of venue rentals in Singapore that can be used for various occasions, and you may want to talk to the venue management about how you intend to conduct your event so they too would know how to adjust accordingly.

  • Add a personal touch.

Whether you are preparing or currently conducting an event, it is a must that you show empathy towards others, as this will help you establish a good relationship with them in your succeeding activities.

Personal touch comes in concrete examples such as thanking the guests for attending your event, providing them with complimentary goodies, and sending thank-you cards. By doing these small acts your audience will feel important and become more motivated in your actual event.

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